Reflect on your work with patients, clients, employees and customers and enhance a values- based collegial working environment
Further Details

Case Supervision

Case supervision is provided to reflect on your interaction with your patients, clients, customers, or employees. It is designed to develop and support skills, knowledge, performance and values during joint exploration and perspective guidance in difficult situations. It reflects on both, the client’s situation and your own reactions, thoughts and emotions.

Case supervision can help with:

  • Difficulties in the pursuit of a professional relationship with the clientele (proximity-distance difficulties, inner rejection, involvement)
  • Balance between friendly contact and demarcation
  • Dealing with crisis situations such as suicidal intent, or endangerment of self or others
  • The feeling of low effectiveness during clientele interaction

With Supervision, you most often resume work with your clientele in a goal-oriented, conscious, enthusiastic manner.

Team Supervision

Team supervision is of importance if a team is to operate with high effectiveness. It enables the processing and resolution of occurring conflicts within a team. Here, values-based collegial cooperation and the goals of the practice or institution are in the foreground. To enhance the effectiveness of team supervision, they can take place on a regular basis or as an agreed series.

The following topics can be modified as part of team supervision:

  • Improving communication within the team
  • Processing and resolving conflicts that are open or concealed within the team
  • Raising awareness of mobbing situations and successfully preventing the isolation of individual team members
  • Developing a values-based culture so that criticism leads to development and not to feelings such as shame, anger and resignation
  • Team Growth and creating transparency on roles, tasks and goals

For newly formed teams I am at your disposal for questions regarding the development of common goals, tasks, work processes as well as competence recognition.