History of the Nautilus Shell

The Nautilus Shell offers a fascinating insight into life, the universe, and the symbolic importance of the Practice
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History of the Nautilus Shell

“Mathematics is the alphabet with which God wrote the universe.”

A longitudinal section of the nautilus shell can always be seen on my websites and on my business cards. Why?

The Nautilus shell, with its chambers perfectly adapted to the mathematical formula of the “golden ratio” Phi, can be found in all forms of nature. They can be seen in flowers, in a fern that is just opening, in the rolled millipede, in the array of seeds in a sunflower, or in the Milky Way galaxy whose shape is similar to the spiral of a hurricane. In architecture, too, we find this in a spiral staircase.

The Golden Ratio

Leonardo Da Vinci illustrated the “golden ratio” in his drawing “Vitruvian Man,” which is often found in the medical field as a drawing. There are many names for this, among others, “sectio aurea,” “golden ratio,” “golden spiral.” Artists such as Michelangelo, Raphael, Rembrandt, Seurat and Salvador Dali have all incorporated the principle of the golden ratio in their art.

What does the golden ratio actually portray? The “golden ratio” is unique in that it represents a number whose proportionality always remains constant. It is determined by dividing a line into two parts, so that the longer part is divided by the shorter one. You will find that the result is similar to that of dividing the full length by the longer part.

a/b = (a+b) /a = 1.6180339887498948420…

In the 1900s, an American mathematician named Mark Barr coined the term “phi.” This principle extends beyond the field of mathematics and physics.

The Greek letter Phi is a symbol of psychology (source: Wikipedia).

Influences on my Practice

The nautilus shell is reminiscent of evenness, harmony, aesthetics, balance but also of permanence in the midst of change and development on all levels, without limitation.
The Nautilus recalls the permanence of life.

Personally, it is a welcome reminder to live my passion daily and to help you restore the balance in your life, retaining calm in the midst of tragedy and everyday burdens, to achieve reconciliation with your own person and acceptance, despite past experiences. My vocation is to accompany people and through contact, professional support and exchange help… to gain confidence in creating an affirmative, successful life.