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After arranging for your initial appointment, you have up to three consultation hours followed by up to four probationary sessions. This includes the introductory phase with information exchange relevant to the issue you need support with. Here, a more detailed understanding of the outlined concerns and problems will be addressed. The anamnesis, diagnostics, as well as the goal setting and treatment plan are also completed during this phase. After mutual agreement on the need for therapy, the frequency of the sessions and the type of therapy (short-term therapy KZT1-12 session / KZT2-12 sessions, long-term therapy up to 60 sessions), all application forms necessary for the approval of the therapy are completed and submitted for approval to the appropriate health insurance companies.

The approval process for private insurers varies, so it is advisable to inquire about specific formalities prior to initiating therapy.

For privately insured patients: Five probationary sessions are needed to initiate the introductory phase and to carry out and evaluate the necessary diagnostics for the application. Therapy planning is carried out together with the patient. Afterwards, in most cases, a psychological assessment report will be prepared, which must be approved prior to commencing therapy. Please note that therapy sessions subject to authorization, which take place before the approval date, will not be reimbursed by the insurance company.